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Find inspiration & cook various recipes

85+ built in recipes

Easy cooking

  • Recipes include a step by step guide using 6 or less ingredients
  • No monitoring is needed, means more time for you
  • 85+ built-in recipes accessed on the easy to use digital control panel

Fast cooking

  • Delicious results in minutes thanks to rpessure cooking
  • 75 recipes under 11 min.

Join the culinary revolution !

Your coach to home cook delicious meals, easy & intuitive cooking

guides you step by step to cook your meals according to the number of servings! Appetizers, main dishes or desserts, cook an entire meal easily in 5 steps or less. Your culinary partner makes anything possible thanks to its intuitive digital screen.

Enjoy ! Chicken Tikka Masala - Watch the video
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  • 1

    add oil

  • 2

    Brown onion and chicken in oil for 2-3 minutes.

  • 3

    Add remaining ingredients. Stir well to combine.

  • 4


  • 5
    ENJOY ! Keep warm 00:10

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Turn the wheel

Half the work, half the time, an easier way of cooking.

2, 4, or even 6 people? No need to calculate proportions, Cook4Me does it for you! This intelligent multicooker gives you precise instructions according to the number of people to feed. Once the cooking process has started, there is no need to watch over the machine, enjoy your guests with peace of mind knowing that Cook4Me is doing the cooking for you! Once finished, Cook4Me will automatically pass to the « keep warm » setting, you’ll never serve cold food again!


Up to 40 Built-in ingredients

To cook single ingredients (meat, fish, rice, cereals, fruits & vegetables), let Cook4me guide you to choose the right cooking mode and cooking time regarding the quantities that you want.


Manual mode

5 cooking modes allow you to choose the right setting you need : Quick cooking, Browning, Reheat, Keep warm (up to 5hrs), Delayed start. Prepare your own recipes in minutes!

It's a fast way to cook delicious meals

Too much time spent in the kitchen?

On a daily basis you can prepare delicious and varied meals, fast! With efficient pressure cooking that means more time for you!

Tefal Cook4me
Tefal Cook4me Cabinet Pudding 13 min*
Tefal Cook4me Steamed Sweet Chilli Salmon 6 min*
Tefal Cook4me Presto chicken risotto 8 min*

*not including preheating

Tell us what you think about Cookeo

5 stars Amazing!!

This machine is SO easy and quick to use with in built recipes as a guide. Risotto in 6 minutes!

Keep warm function is very handy and I love how quick and easy it is to clean. You can cook pretty much anything in here. A fantastic addition to my kitchen!

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5 stars Love It!

This product is a life saver. We use it everyday for a quick healthy and delicious meal.

It cooks everything from steamed rice to asian soups to lamb shanks to stews and even a simple corn on the cob. Suits us as a busy and active young family.

I do not follow many of the included recipes but mainly use the Manual Function.

Would definitely recommend to anyone who is pressed for time or unorganised just before mealtime

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5 stars Great Product!

This is a very good product for those who don't have much time to cook.

Comes with built-in recipes that you can cook. I particularly love the mushroom risotto. It is cooked super quickly. All of the recipes always ask for seasoning when the cooking is done but I tend to season before I close the lid to start the cooking. Remember that there is preheating in the beginning so start the recipe while you're chopping up the ingredients.

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